Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Don't Know, Go Google It.

Google and It's many Uses!
This week in my class, Exploring your Digital Portfolio, we learned about Google and the different ways to use it.  Some interesting applications that Google offers are Google Scholar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Hangouts.  All of these features make it easier because you ultimately have everything in one place.  Google has basically become a one stop shop for all things personal, school, and business related.  

One interesting thing that our teacher Kyle Calderwood showed us was the research tool on Google Docs.  With this tool you can find quotes by many famous people, images of anything, tables of information, and research about an infinite amount of topics.  It's a quick way to access information without having to open a separate page.

Some Articles to Look At --
These articles will give you a closer look at Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and Google Docs!

16 Secrets of Google Drive is an article by David Chartier which talks about tips to help you utilize Google Drive to it's full potential.  Before reading this article I thought that Google Drive was mainly a glorified flash drive, but it is actually the main source for everything that you do in your Google account.  

This article my Don Crowther is all about how to use Google Hangouts to help build your business.  Along with a recorded broadcast embedded into the post, he talks about the endless possibilities available while using this Google feature, which not only gives you the ability to talk to multiple people from anywhere face to face, but also gives you the ability to record your hangouts and live stream them on youtube.  You can also use this feature to share your screen and give tutorials.  I have already used Google Hangouts this semester for school and some of my other teachers have talked about using it as well.  Plus, it is a great way to break the barrier of distance!

This last article about Google Docs, written by Charles Cooper, talks about how he finally made the decision to switch from using Microsoft Word to using Google Docs, even though Word is obviously superior.  Cooper says some of his reasoning behind switching was the fact that it's free, constantly improving, and works well with the email system he uses in his office.  It also lets people share and edit the same document in real time.  Personally, Google Docs has been an amazing tool as a commuter because it makes working in groups, or having people proof read my papers, so much easier.

Professional Learning Networks!
These past couple weeks my class and I have been starting to construct our own Personal Learning Networks which I talked about in my last blog.  Through twitter we are connecting with professionals throughout our future career fields, mine being hospitality, and creating a network for ourselves.  
Here are some of the people that I've started to follow and the articles that they've posted--

This was in response to a video about the redesign for LaGuardia, an international airport in New York.  As a hospitality major I have heard about this redesign already and it was really interesting to see the design completed.

Today, managing your reputation on social media is very important whether it be for your personal, professional, or business pages.  This article that I retweeted gave a few tips on how to handle it.

Airbnb is a fairly new concept in the Hospitality world that has become quite prevalent.  Some people in the industry think it is a unique and interesting way to travel and support it while other believe it is taking business away from hotels.


  1. It's interesting that one would switch to lesser quality of a program, as you stated Microsoft being obviously superior, for simplicity. Without recognizing it, I guess I am guilty of the same. To date, I still have Word 2003, as well as the most up to date, due to my familiarity with the program and it's setup. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post. Well done on your layout as well!

  2. Google is full of many surprises before the lesson I thought it was only good for searching. Who knew it would be so easy and more resourceful than good old MS word. Your blog is very eye catching and full of useful information, nice job.